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Farm Credit System Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Diversity is the multiple dimensions across which we interact. It is valuing and respecting our similarities and differences resulting in an inclusive mentality and environment. Diversity is both visible and invisible. Visible diversity refers to characteristics that are observable or readily detectable. Invisible diversity refers to underlying attributes that are not readily apparent. Diversity is best measured through the ideas generated, the organizational culture created, and the overall results achieved.

Farm Credit of New Mexico's Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

Diversity goes beyond race, gender, religion, or age. Diversity represents a variety of backgrounds,styles, perspectives, and values that people bring to our Association. Inclusion involves making others feel a part of the Association's success and appreciated for the variety in their backgrounds, styles, perspectives, and values. Embracing diversity and inclusion enables us to leverage our different talents to better serve our customers. We will promote a culture where all team members appreciate and respect differences and foster an atmosphere of inclusion while working together to fulfill our vision.

Farm Credit of New Mexico Mission Statement

"Promote a culture where all employees appreciate and respect differences, while fostering an atmosphere of inclusion that enables us to provide superior customer service."

Success in the Development of Diversity and Inclusion

The Association success will be highly dependent on the education, training, and practicing of diversity and inclusion. The Board of Directors and Senior Management must build the culture, live the culture, and endorse the culture. As with any new change in culture, it must become a way of life and it starts with the orientation of our new employees and directors. The devotion of time, and the continued education of our staff, will be the key elements for the success of diversity and inclusion as the Association moves through the years.