Farm Credit of New Mexico

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Real Estate Loans

Real Estate Loans for the purchase, improvement, or refinancing of debt on farms, ranches, facilities, and rural real estate.

Country Home Loans

Country Home Loans purchase or improvement. (Farm Credit is an equal credit opportunity lender/equal-housing lender.)

Operating Loans

Operating Loans for operating inputs and expenses such as feed, fertilizer, seed, and labor, as well as for such expenditures as rent, taxes, insurance, and day-to-day living.

Livestock Loans

Livestock Loans for care, feeding, or refinancing of debt on livestock.

Equipment Loans

Equipment Loans for the purchase or refinancing of debt for tractors, trucks, farm implements, buildings, irrigation systems, or any other equipment.

Agribusiness/Facility Loans

Agribusiness/Facility Loans for the purchase, construction, improvement or operating needs of dairy facilities and other agribusinesses.

Rural Residential Tracts

Rural Residential Tracts for smaller tracts of land located in rural areas purchased with the intent to build within five years. Maximum value of all improvements $269,807.